New Release: seasons, availability filters and more!

Posted on Feb 05, 2020

We received a ton of feedback from users - bugs, feature requests, missing data and more. First off, thanks for the feedback, it's been invaluable and will go a long way to making R6 Loot a better platform.

Today, we're happy to account the first big release since launch. We're introducing the following:

  • Seasons - we hadn't quite got all the data we needed, but after a few sleepless nights, we've gone through the list and we have most of it. When you hover over the card, you can see what season the content was released in.
  • Events - We thought it would be interesting to group together items from a same event. For example, if you search for "Outbreak Event", you'll see all outbreak packs items, but also the weekly charms that were part of the event!
  • Availability - We reworked Availability to only show if the item is still obtainable or not. It should be clearer that was we had before! There's also a new tick option to remove items that can't be obtained anymore.
  • Lots of other fixes - many of you reached out to ask us to correct wrong information. We've gone through it and fixed a lot of stuff. If anything is still wrong, let us know.

Last but not least, many reached to suggest big new features - saving skins, zooming on pictures, player stats and more. Although we're focusing on improving what we have now, we definitely have more in the pipeline so stay tuned. We've added a sign up form too so if you want to be the first to know when new items or features are released, sign up now.

See you in game !

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